What To Expect From The Saturn In Pisces 2023-2026 Era 


The Saturn in Pisces 2023-2026 era begins on 7th March 2023, signalling a shift in spirituality, style and culture. In astrology, Saturn is a grown-up planet, challenging us to improve and mature via hard work and reality checks. So when this planet visits a sign, we know there’s some tough but rewarding times ahead in one area of our lives. 

For the last three years Saturn has been in Aquarius, bringing structure, rules and restrictions to our 11th House of individuality, friends, teams, groups, technology and social networks. When Saturn moved into Aquarius in March 2020, it coincided with the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic, which seriously restricted our ability to connect socially with other people in real life, especially large groups and crowds. We were forced to learn and master the art of connecting virtually with people via online technology. Some new ways of interacting with people will remain after Saturn moves on, but this area of our lives looks so different to how it was pre-2020. 

What does Saturn in Pisces mean?

When Saturn enters Pisces in 2023 we will be presented with a different set of challenges to test and reward us for the work we do in areas related to the 12th House of the zodiac. Expect to see more structure and discipline in spiritual practices, mental health matters and the creative entertainment  industries. A shift away from escapism towards a more authentic existence could also be a theme of this Saturn in Pisces era.  

When is Saturn in Pisces?

Saturn in Pisces Dates

  • 14th February 1935 – 25th April 1937
  • 17th October 1937 – 14th January 1938
  • 23rd March 1964 – 16th September 1964
  • 16th December 1964 – 3rd March 1967
  • 21st May 1993 – 30th June 1993
  • 28th January 1994 – 7th April 1996
  • 7th March 2023 – 24th May 2025
  • 1st September 2025 – 13th February 2026

Saturn in Pisces 1993-1996

To understand the influence of Saturn in Pisces, we can throwback to the last time this transit was in action in the mid-90s. When Saturn was last in Pisces during 1993-1996, these were the fashion and beauty trends that dominated this era. 

Saturn in Pisces Fashion & Style

Underwear as Outerwear

Fashion designer Tom Ford became the creative director at Gucci in 1994, and this appointment shifted the early-90s grunge trend towards boudoir glamour. Sexy slip dresses were the ‘It’ style of this time period. Mini and maxi slip dresses in shiny satin, silk, sequins or vinyl embodied the Pisces-influenced underwear as outerwear trend.

School Rules

Inspired by the outfits from hit ‘90s films, Clueless and The Craft, and everyone’s favourite waitress, Rachel from Friends, uniforms got a fashion makeover during this era. Tartan mini kilts and blazers were paired with tie front blouses, knee high socks and Mary Jane loafers for a smart preppy vibe. 

Cool Britannia

The rise of the mid-90s Britpop music scene in the UK made all things British cool again. The British indie bands of the time, including Blur, Oasis, Pulp and Suede, were heavily-influenced by 1960s mod culture and 1970s style. Androgynous vintage clothing, including denim jackets, bootcut jeans, desert boots, floppy bucket hats and parka jackets, became popular in this mid-90s period. 

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Saturn in Pisces Beauty & Hair 

The Rachel Haircut

In 1995 Jennifer Aniston’s Friends character inspired global imitations of her trademark hairstyle. The shoulder-length choppy layers in this hairstyle merged the shag and bob haircuts that were popular in the 1970s. 

Matte Lipstick

The trend for matte makeup was a real mid-90s look. All shades of matte nude lipsticks were popular during this time, paired with lip liner that was a few shades darker.

Vamp Beauty

Before bronzer and fake tan, there was pale and matte. Inspired by the early-90s grunge beauty trend, the vamp makeup vibe was a slightly more sophisticated take on gothic glamour. Pale matte foundation, dark matte lips and heavy eyeliner combined to create this mid-90s beauty look. 

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