Manifesting Magic: New Moon Ritual Guide

New Moon Manifestation

You’ve heard about New Moon rituals but what are they and why is everyone on Instagram posting about their New Moon mantras?

New Moons don’t feel quite as dramatic as Full Moons, but they still carry powerful lunar energy that we can harness to welcome fresh starts in any area of our lives.

Here’s some simple steps you can take to perform a New Moon Ritual and learn how to manifest with the Moon.

1 Identify the Date of the Next New Moon

I try to mark the dates of New Moons in my calendar at the start of the year so that I know in advance when I’ll be preparing to welcome fresh starts and new beginnings.

It’s been on my mind to create a digital New Moon calendar, but for now you can find the next New Moon on this website.

2 Decide When To Do Your New Moon Ritual

It’s important to note the exact time of the New Moon in your timezone, as you ideally want to perform a New Moon Ritual on or shortly after the time of the New Moon.

This will allow you to harness the energy of the new lunar cycle when it’s at its most powerful point.

It’s not a good idea to do a New Moon Ritual before the time of the New Moon, as the energy will be distracted by the baggage from the previous lunar cycle.

Once you’re clear on the timings, mark out some time on your schedule so you can fully focus on your New Moon Ritual without distractions.

3 Clear Space for Your New Moon Ritual

I like to think of the New Moon as a chance to wipe the slate clean and clear any negative energy that’s been bothering me.

Before I perform a New Moon Ritual, I decide on where it’s going to take place and make sure that it’s set up to welcome positive energy.

Usually, it’s in my own home, but even if you’re travelling or based somewhere that’s not your home, you can still create an environment that aligns with the New Moon energy.

Start by clearing out any clutter that’s distracting your chosen space and make sure the area around it is free of any dust, rubbish or broken items.

I like to do this the day before the New Moon to create a sense of calm and stillness in the area, but you can do this anytime before you intend to perform your New Moon Ritual.

If you’re into energy clearing, you can also cleanse the space by smudging sage.

4 Create Your New Moon Manifestation Space

Once you’ve cleared a space, it’s time to gather some items that you’ll use during the New Moon Ritual.

Here’s some ideas on things you can use during a New Moon Ritual:

  • a candle to bring some light

  • a notepad with a blank page

  • crystals to harness energy during your manifestations

  • a visualisation board

  • oracle/lenormand/tarot cards

You don’t need to use all or any of these items, but the important thing is to make sure you have the tools that helps you clearly set your New Moon intentions.

5 Set New Moon Intentions

Think about what you want to manifest into your life or where you need to set new intentions over the next six months.

Write down your intentions on a blank piece of paper or fresh page in your journal, letting the lunar energy inspire the direction of your desires.

When setting New Moon intentions, it can be helpful to think about the energy of the zodiac sign that New Moon takes place in.

If it’s a Cancer New Moon, for example, do you need to make a fresh start in your home life or are you ready to move somewhere new?

You can also call on oracle, lenormand or tarot cards to guide you on your intentions.

Drawing a card or laying out a spread can be a helpful way of using your intuition to interpret the new beginning that the cards are guiding you towards.

How to set New Moon intentions is up to you, but the universe is more likely to listen and show up when your intentions are authentically yours.

Listen to what you truly desire, not what will please other people, and write them down with conviction.

Using phrases like ‘I will’ and ‘I am’ adds power to your intentions and helps you to believe that you will achieve them.

6 Manifest with New Moon Mantras

Once you’ve written out your New Moon intentions, it’s time to manifest with the Moon.

Read your intentions out loud and notice how they make you feel.

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If anything doesn’t sit right or feels uncomfortable, say it aloud more than once and don’t be afraid to amend any intentions that need some modification.

Sometimes new starts and fresh takes will feel uncomfortable at first and that’s okay – you’ll grow in confidence as you move towards what you need and step away from what you don’t.

Reading your intentions out loud with conviction signals to the universe that you’re serious about things and you’re showing up for what your heart truly desires.

7 Visualise Your New Moon Intentions

My favourite part of a New Moon ritual is visualising the intentions that I have set.

I do this by creating a visualisation board filled with how my life will look and how I will feel once the intentions come to fruition.

I’m a very visual person so I like to see it all there in front of me, either as a collage in a journal or as a Pinterest board, filled with images, words and quotes inspired by my intentions.

You can also take a few minutes to visualise your New Moon intentions during meditation.

Place a few crystals in the palms of your hand and close your eyes, thinking a bout the intentions that you’ve set.

Visualise where you are, who you’re with and what you’re doing.

Think about how your life will be once your intentions become your reality and really pay attention to how this makes you feel.

8 Complete Your New Moon Ritual

After you’ve visualised your intentions, you can close your New Moon Ritual.

I like to end my New Moon meditation by declaring out loud ‘And So It Is’, but you can say whatever phrase helps you to crystallise your intentions.

Blow out your candle, close your journal and place your intentions in a safe place, ready for you to revisit at the end of the lunar cycle in six months’ time.

When you visit your intentions on the corresponding Full Moon in six months’ time, you’ll be able to evaluate how your manifestations have worked out and if you need to release anything that no longer serves you.

On this Full Moon you can take your written intentions and burn those that have manifested or that no longer fit with your life as part of your Full Moon Ritual, completing your moon manifestation cycle.

Showing up for Moon Rituals every month will help you to get clear about setting intentions and manifesting what you desire under the powerful lunar energy.

I hope this guide to creating your New Moon Ritual has helped you and I’d love to hear more about how your New Moon rituals have worked out for you!

New Moon Manifestation Guide

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